Here in Malaysia, tea is more than just a drink. Tea both creates and complements the social situation whether it is a meeting of friends, a family get-together or a corporate appointment.

At the same time, tea is a beverage that transcends creed or culture. Regardless of favourite football teams, political opinions or religious beliefs, every Malaysian is sure to find common ground when it comes to having a cup of tea.

This is the essence of this simple yet great-tasting brew. Whether tarik-ed and frothy, ice-cold with a squeeze of lime or steaming and fragrant, tea brings people together.

BOH understands this unique feature better than anyone. After all, BOH is today the nation’s leading brand.

As a reflection of the unifying factor of tea and BOH’s brand promise, its tagline ‘Share the Ummph!’ was conceptualised to embody this essence.

The phrase is an expression of sharing the extraordinary feeling of Ummph! by bringing people together over an occasion of tea and igniting joy. It is also a commitment to provide avenues for like-minded Malaysians to meet and gather. After all, the good things in life are always more meaningful when shared with the people who matters.

‘Share the Ummph! is ultimately a promise to create that extra special feeling with great-tasting tea for the enjoyment of everyone, both in Malaysia and beyond.