BOH knows the importance of dynamic, interactive communications between itself and the consumer. From its early years to its current position as established market leader, the Company has channelled a considerable part of its energies into developing vibrant and distinctive expressions of its corporate identity.

'Bukan flip, bukan flop, adalah BOH! (early Mr. BOH campaign slogan)'

Having always enjoyed a relatively visual presence in the market, it was really during the 1970s that BOH broke through as a force in the field of consumer communications. Television, at the time, was a relatively new and novel medium of communication, yet BOH embraced this new technology. By combining it with the similarly new and exciting technology of animation, the Company created one of the most recognisable advertising icons of the period: Mr. BOH.

The smiling, bow-tied animated character made a positive and lasting impact on the Company's consumers. His friendliness mirrored the Company's goal of making prime grade tea available to everyone and helped establish the brand ahead of its competitors and imitators.

'BOH ada Ummph!'

In the mid-80s, BOH connected with its consumers in a very real and memorable way through the hugely successful 'BOH ada Ummph!' campaign.

'Ummph' is an original creation of the Company and is the perfect word to describe the robustness, strength and excellent pick-me-up or 'kick' quality of its tea in a way that was distinctly and proudly Malaysian.

The campaign reflected this character of BOH's teas that have made the brand the market leader among local tea-drinkers. Such was the effect of the campaign that the expression is still used today to denote something with strength and impact or which invigorates.

Committed to freshness

In celebration of its 70th birthday in 1999, BOH launched a special commemorative campaign with the catchphrase '70 and Getting Fresher!'

As one of the few vertically-integrated tea companies in the world, with the shortest journey from the tea bush to the factory and from the factory to the pack, BOH tea is acknowledged as one of the freshest in the country.

BOH Brings People Together

Further developing from the 'BOH ada Ummph!' campaign, the tagline 'BOH Brings People Together' was adopted to reflect the catalytic role that tea plays in the bonding of individuals within our Malaysian multi-racial society.

BOH is proud to be a part of this ritual of tea-drinking and to have also helped create opportunities for people to transcend social boundaries and come together over a cup of tea.


Committed to freshness

As the Company continues its evolutionary journey and while staying true to its brand promise, the inseparable signature messages of 'BOH ada Ummph!' and 'BOH Brings People Together' were interfaced to create 'BOH Puts the Ummph! in Life' in 2007. Unforgettable moments shared with friends and loved ones, little breaks in between or family reunions over a cup of BOH. All these magical moments happen while sharing a cup of BOH. Simple, but special moments.

BOH helps create magical moments of togetherness, which ignites life and celebrate the deep joy of relationships. Such times can be quintessentially summarised by 'Ummph!' that 'more than feeling'.

Share the Ummph!

With BOH turning 80 in 2009, a year-long celebration was initiated to spread the joy and share the Ummph!. As the Company moves into its next phase of remaining a relevant brand, its promise of bonding and togetherness in an authentically Malaysian way was given an added boost with 'Share the Ummph!'.

In reality, the most memorable moments in life happens when it's shared with others; bantering, laughing, eating, chatting, debating in the company of family, friends or loved ones. BOH understands that a cup of tea always tastes better when it is enjoyed with the people who matter to you.